Dr. Joseph Mikels

Laboratory Manager
David Taullahu

Graduate Students
Caitlin Ailsworth
Dan Ryan Charles
Jackelyn Castaneda
Alyssa Minton
Brooke Nyberg
Kwame Poku-Acheampong
Jason Snyder

Undergraduate Students
Florina Chhay
Jacob Reuter
Iliya Sherif




Alyssa R. Minton, M.S.

Emotion and Cognition Laboratory, Graduate Student

Contact Information

Department of Psychology
2219 North Kenmore Avenue, Byrne 612
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 325-7405


M.S., Psychological Science, Western Kentucky University, 2019
B.A., Psychology, minor Sociology, Indiana University Northwest, 2016

Major Areas of Interest

  • Changes in emotional processes across the life span
  • Age differences in emotion recognition abilities
  • Age differences in emotional regulation abilities in response to stress
  • Influence of emotional context on emotion recognition skills